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Marie Dumont

Date of Birth: March 23, 1984
Discipline: Information Studies (3rd year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 5th-yearJunior Fellow; 2nd-year non-resident

Marie thinks of herself as a very ordinary person. Undistinguished-looking, fairly average-sized (well, perhaps rather less than average on the height scale), and neither particularly chatty nor particularly reticent, she tends to fade into the social background. She is notable mostly for her perpetually worried look and the fact that she is always buried in work.

Yet Marie is not as ordinary as she seems. Her sense of irony is quite highly developed; she is observant in a detached sort of way and is able to step far enough back from existence at Davies to figure out a bit about how it actually works. When she hasn’t had enough sleep, she completely loses her mind. In fact, lack of sleep affects her much more obviously than alcohol does. She may be anxious about many aspects of her life, but she does not appear to be afraid of much. Even Barbara fails to intimidate Marie.

Marie’s parents, who used to live in Vancouver, died in a fire in 2003. Marie originally masqueraded as sheltered and inexperienced in order to avoid questions about her family, but after a Junior Fellow found an article about the fire (and Marie's own part in it) online, she dropped the pretence. On July 18, 2007, Marie--to the bafflement of her friends--spent the day huddling wordlessly in Casey's bedroom; on the same day in 2008, she seemed to become catatonic, and on the same day in 2009, she experienced a psychotic episode and had to be taken to the hospital. In 2010, the episode was much less extreme, possibly because she had, in the interim, told Casey exactly what had happened to her on July 18, 2003, thus unburdening herself of her secret.

Until September of 2008, Mariehad a crush on Casey Mulligan, her best friend, though she was struggling ferociously against it. Then Casey kissed her, or possibly vice versa. Casey followed the kiss with the comment, "I don't think so," and walked out of the room. He refused to acknowledge that anything happened at all, and he spent nearly a year being very cruel to Marie, implying that she was crazy and picking fights with her for no reason. In the summer of 2009, he admitted that he still liked Marie and had staged the fight because he was afraid a relationship with him would be bad for her. This strange and rather flimsy explanation did not prompt Marie to forgive him, though she finally reconciled with him in the spring of 2010.

In 2009-2010, Marie was co-chair (with Paul and Stella) of the DEF. Their term of office has now ended.

Casey Mulligan

Date of Birth: Unknown
Discipline: English (graduated; current status unknown)
Davies Status: 1st-year Alumnus; was a Junior Fellow for 4 years

Casey is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, adrift in a sea of unanswered questions. He is gorgeous (but apparently unaware of the fact), kind, funny, observant, musically talented, imaginative, and extremely intelligent, though he is able to hide the last of these qualities somewhat behind a frequently occurring dopey expression. Almost everybody likes him. Many of the Davies women have fierce crushes on him.

In other words, there is clearly something wrong with Casey. No one has been able to ascertain what. Barbara’s theory–expressed ad nauseam–is that he is Satan. She has presented no concrete proof to bear this theory out. However, strange things do tend to happen around and/or be associated with Casey. He has been overheard discussing strange subjects (including tentacles) with his mother on the phone. One of Frankie’s take-home law exams apparently burst spontaneously into flame when Casey looked at, later, did her laptop and, on a third occasion, some papers she was carrying. Casey is never too cold or too hot and, in fact, doesn’t seem to own acoat, ordidn't until very recently. Twice, he has appeared to interact with Evil Marie, Marie's apparently hallucinatory doppelgänger. It is now almost certain that he can see her. He may also have brought a mouse back from the dead. In August of 2007, 2008,2009, and 2010, he let Marie witness his mysterious meetings with a woman named Ursula who seemed to have some kind of strange bet going with him; after the last of these meetings, he accepted a green coat from Ursula and walked away. He has not yet returned

Casey is a congenital amputee; his right foot is a stump. He walks with a pronounced limp and carries a cane when he knows he is going to be on his feet fora fair amount of time. He is very sensitive about his handicap. When it was first accidentally revealed to the Davies community, Casey lost his temper publicly for the first time (though as he has revealed to Marie, he is constantly struggling against a naturally quick temper that he is usually able to master). Lately, to his chagrin, he has been losing his temper more often. He seems to prefer the colour green, as most of his clothes contain this colour. He has some family in Ireland and goes there every year for Christmas. In early 2009, he started a folk band with Steve, Wendy, Barbara, Tom, and Reg.

Casey was good friends with Marie until the kissing incident; afterwards, he broke with both her and Rahim, though not with Barbara. His increasingly bizarre behaviour in 2008 and 2009 was explained in the summer when he confessed that he had deliberatedly driven Marie away, apparently in order to save her. He has resumed his friendship with Marie, but Rahim has not forgiven him. Complicating the situation is the fact that the oddness surrounding Casey has become more acute lately; for instance, his broken arm healed abnormally quickly,he has all but proven that he can see and interact with Evil Marie, and he has now disappeared.

In the winter of 2010, Casey defended his Ph.D. thesis, which passed without corrections. The fact that he spent only three-and-a-half years in the programme (and could actually have finished almost a year earlier) tends to make people resent him quite a lot.

Barbara Mickel

Date of Birth: January 12, 1977
Discipline: English (graduated; currently working as a sessional instructor)
Davies Status: 2nd-year Alumna; was a Junior Fellow for 4 years

Barbara was a grad student for just a little bit too long. She has moved past the “harried and irritable” phase into what seems to be utter insanity...though it is certainly possible that Barbara is not quite as insane as she makes herself out to be. Exuding an air of dottiness, she charges madly through life at Davies, avoiding her work, antagonising her friends, and infuriating everyone she meets by always telling the blunt truth about everything (except possibly in the matter of Casey).

Barbara has come to terms with and, indeed, embraced her own eccentricity to such an extent that she appears to have no social skills at all. She also has no filter; she says what she thinks, and what she thinks does not always please whoever hears it. Despite, or perhaps because of, this entirely uncalled-for honesty, Barbara has a certain Hamlet-like charm. Few people truly like her, but many are amused by her, and the more discerning ones recognise that behind the bizarre exterior is a smart, creative woman whose mind simply does not work like other minds.

Barbara claims to believe that Casey is Satan. Her scattered evidence thus far includes his looks, his tolerance of the cold, his apparent immolation of Frankie's belongings,his skill on the violin,his enrollment in an English class on the devil, a certain odd phone conversation he once had with his mother, and his apparent skills in mouse resurrection. Casey is quite fond of Barbara, who constantly abuses him publicly. However, she has also tried to save him from himself by urging him not to go into English, the discipline that has destroyed her sanity. Though Marie is often irritated by Barbara, the two have become friends.

In the fall of 2008, Barbara began to teach herself to juggle. Though shecounselled Rahim not to interfere in the Marie/Casey snafu, she herself lauched an investigation into the mystery of Casey's recent Sherlock Holmes, no less. It does seem that her ultimate (failed) purpose was simply to get Casey to open up to her. She plays the accordion in Steve's folk band.

After spending over eight years struggling through her Ph.D., Barbara defended her thesis. Thanks to her supervisor's indifference and negligence, she convocated later than she would have liked; she was also forced to pay thousands of dollars she did not have in extra tuition. She may be just a tiny bit bitter about this. She is currently making slave wages as a sessional instructor.

Rahim Khan

Date of Birth: September 3, 1974
Discipline: Nursing (6th year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 1st-year Alumnus; was a Junior Fellow for 5 years

Rahim is a good deal older than many of the other Davies Junior Fellows; he has also been out in the workforce as a professional nurse. His major approach to life seems to be via cynicism, along with a healthy dose of dark humour (although he can rarely be caught smiling unless he is alone in a room with someone he knows well). Rahim has the ability to keep his head in a crisis. He strikes many people ascold and unfeeling, but the truth is that he is simply rather reserved.

In 2006-2007, Rahimco-chaired the DEF with Wendy. It is still not entirely clear how two people with such diametrically opposite approaches to, well, everythingended up heading a social committee together. Rahim obviously loathes Wendy and everything she stands for, and he has almost no patience with the activities of the DEF. He gets along well with both Marie and Casey (or did until the fall of 2008), and he has a contrary sort of liking for Barbara, but he and Frankie are not particularly good friends. Rahim became especially unhappy with Frankie after her behaviour at the 2007Winter Ball. His friendship with Marie is currently deepening and growing in complexity. In the spring of 2008, he came close to acknowledging to Barbara that his feelings for Marie went beyond friendship; however, the difference (ten years) in their ages bothers him, and he has, thus far, kept silent. Marie's recent problems with Casey have led to Marie and Rahim spending more time together. Even though Casey and Marie have reconciled, Rahim has not forgiven Casey for his behaviour and has been going out of his way to prove that there is something diabolical about Casey.

In the 2007-2008 academic year, Rahim was Davies' Don of Hall (the head of student government who acts as a liaison between the administration and the Junior Fellowship). He ran for the position mostly because he wanted to stop Frankie from being Don, and he was not happy to have won the election. He has since taken on no elected position.

On Christmas Eve of 2008, Rahim slipped on black ice and broke his leg. The leg took an unusually long time to heal, but Rahim did eventually begin walking without assistance once more.

Frankie Drake

Date of Birth: September 29, 1981
Discipline: Law (articling; on verge of call to the bar), but transferred from Sociology (3rd year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 1st-year Alumna; was a Junior Fellow for 5 years

Frankie is a driven sort of Junior Fellow. After two years of a sociology degree, she quit to pursue a career in law. She celebrated her acceptance into the programme by dyeing her hair bright blue. She is calmly planning to go into corporate law, and she shrugs off any criticism of this decision.

Frankie has been rather strikingly attractive for most of her life. Unlike Casey, she is aware of her own beauty and not averse to using it to get her way. She pays a great deal of attention to her physical appearance. Yet she is not always manipulative; most of her impulses are generous ones, and if she sees someone being oppressed or downtrodden, she will fly immediately and seemingly unconsciously into attack mode. She becomes especially angry when she sees women simpering over good-looking men, though admittedly, she enjoys the sensation of having good-looking men simpering over her. She was initiallynot so sure that she liked Baldwin Wing's direct approach to seducing her; Frankie didn't see Baldwin as her type and reacted to him with a strange mixture of acute annoyance and reluctant flirtation, right up to the point they started dating. She considers herself high-maintenance and is oddly unaware of her own generosity of spirit.

She originally liked Marie well enough, but a comment Marie made to Frankie during the Murder Game turned Frankie against her, leading to an incident at the Winter Ball where Frankie apparently attempted to seduce Casey in order to make Marie jealous. Barbara Frankie generally ignores. She tends to snipe at Rahim and then feel uncomfortable about it later; there is something about him that gets under her skin. She was coming to like Casey quite well until he apparently set her take-home exam on fire with his mind. She has since been reconciled with both Marie and Casey and, in fact, kept the secret of Marie's parents' deaths for nearly a year without being asked. Shesided with Marie against Casey in the recent rift.

Frankie finds it very, very difficult to forgive people who have hurt or offended her. She is not above taking revenge on them, either. However, when she is truly wrong about something, she will eventually admit it and apologise. When her ex-boyfriend, Steve, came a little too abruptly out of the closet, she blew up at him in public but later accepted his private explanation for the fact that he hadn't talked to her about it yet.

She ran for the 2008-09 Donship but was beaten by Baldwin, her boyfriend. Though their relationship survived, Frankie's trust in the Junior Fellowship did not; she now regards it as distinctly sexist.

In the summer of 2010, Frankie decided against letting Baldwin move in with her, to Baldwin's dismay.

Wendy Black

Date of Birth: December 30, 1982
Discipline: Music (3rd year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 1st-year Alumna; was a Junior Fellow for 5 years

Wendy was born to be a cheerleader; she has Bright and Perky down cold, and she spends most of her time urging people to be enthusiastic. In 2006-07, Wendy, as the less cynical of the two DEF co-chairs,set out to become the heart and soul of Davies. The fact that shereally only succeeded in being a major irritant to every single member of the communitycompletely escaped her attention.

Wendy’s limitless energy gives her a certain shrill bounciness thatsets everyone cringing every time she enters a room. She often seems so tightly wound that she is on the verge of taking flight.

Wendy wished to run again to be the 2007-08 DEF co-chair, but Rahim was resistant to her pleas for a continuing partnership. Surprisingly (to some), shequite graciously allowed the subject to drop and concentrated her boundless enthusiasm on (many) other activities that year. She is now living off-campus, but she still hangs around Davies frequently. She has a beautiful voice and sings soprano in Steve's folk band.

In the summer of 2010, Wendy and Wolfgang, who are even less compatible than Wendy and Rahim, acted as Davies' Summer Residence Coordinators.

Evil Marie

Date of Birth: Unknown
Discipline: Unknown
Davies Status: Unknown

Evil Marie first appeared as an apparent figment of Marie's imagination when Marie was in bed with the flu in the fall of 2007. Though very similar in appearance to Marie, Evil Marie does tend to wear tight black leather outfits (in which Marie would only be caught dead at, say, Hallowe'en) and sunglasses rather than clear glasses. Unlike Marie, Evil Marie is brash, unreserved, and perpetually angry. She speaks her mind--mostly in order to criticise Marie--and tries to convince Marie to speak hers as well. She is especially concerned that Marie's refusal to tell her friends what happened to her parents is eventually going to come back to haunt her (or them). She tends to turn up when Marie is ill, injured, sleep-deprived, or experiencing emotional turmoil.

Near the end of Evil Marie's first visit, Casey appeared to enter the room and interact with her. Marie is still not sure whether or not Casey was really there and/orsaw her doppelgänger. In the spring of 2010, Casey seemed to interact with Evil Marie again; in fact, the two of them had a short conversation in an elevator when Marie was not present. It seems all but certain that Casey can see Evil Marie, though Marie herself can prove nothing.

On July 18th, 2010, Evil Marie paid Marie a visit after Marie told her friends she was fine, indicating, perhaps, that Marie wasn't being as truthful as the others thought.

Baldwin Wing

Date of Birth: February 27, 1983
Discipline: Computer Engineering (4th year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 4th-yearJunior Fellow; 1st-year non-resident

To describe Baldwin as "a bit of a spaz" would probably count as a substantial understatement (Rahim has dubbed him "Mr. Spaztastic," actually). Baldwin is the sort of person who is polite and anxious to please when he is first becoming comfortable in a community; once he settles in (which takes him all of five or six minutes), he explodes intomischief. He is usually cheerful and almost always looking to stir things up.

Baldwin decided early on that he was going to seduce Frankie. It took him several months, but the two of them began dating soon after their rivalry during the Murder Game had left Marie with a concussion and Baldwin himself with a broken arm. Later, Baldwin antagonised Frankie (again) by running against her for Don of Hall and winning. As he is not really a Don type of person, Frankie has become convinced that many Junior Fellows voted against her because she was a woman. However, her relationship with Baldwin has survived.

Baldwin's Donship has now ended, leaving him free to concentrate on undermining, rather than representing, authority.

In the summer of 2010, Baldwin asked Frankie if he could move in with her; she refused. He has found an apartment on Casey's recommendation.

Steve Maverick

Date of Birth: February 2, 1981
Discipline: Education Psychology (3rd year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 3rd-year resident Junior Fellow

Steve, a self-described "vegetarian Wiccan raised on Vancouver Island by folk-singing nomadic goatherds," is an easy-going, musically talented Junior Fellow with a good sense of humour and very little sense of tact. Half a decade ago, he and Frankie broke up after a few years of highly dysfunctional dating. Frankie bears a grudge; Steve doesn't, but when Frankie attacks him, he is happy to fight back, mainly by means of jokes. He was a bit bemused by Davies at first but has since settled in, becoming good friends with Baldwin and starting a folk band with Casey, Barbara, Reg, Tom, and Wendy.

Steve was technically out of the closet (to his old friends and his family) when he moved to Toronto, but he told no one at Davies but Baldwin that he was gay until he turned up at the end-up-year barbecue in the spring of 2009 with his boyfriend, Xander. The incident provoked the Official Davies Annual Scandal, as Frankie pushed Steve (and later, randomly, Casey) into the pond in reaction. She eventually accepted his apology for springing the information on her without warning.

Despite his inability to keep his mouth shut at crucial moments, Steve gets along with almost everyone.

Wolfgang Amadeus

Date of Birth: July 2, 1984
Discipline: Art History (5th year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 4th-year Junior Fellow; 1st-year non-resident

Wolfgang is the walking, talking definition of the term "anal-retentive." He has absolutely no sense of humour and tends to gravitate towards tedious committees of which he can seize control via mountains of paperwork. He has memorised the contents of Robert's Rules of Order and is fond of trotting them out at every opportunity. In 2007-08, he was on the College House Committee, of which Rahim was the chair; he ensured that every meeting went on for hours and was fond of deluging Rahim with stuffy e-mails in which he demanded that the Don fix problems that were completely outside his jurisdiction. He ran for the 2008-09 Donship but was beaten by the much less serious Baldwin, whom he annoyed daily throughout 2008-09.

Wolfgang also has a hard time picking up certain social cues. For instance, he has no idea that he has offended Casey when he congratulates him for passing his special field exam and thus rising above his (physical and therefore completely irrelevant) handicap. He is not a naturally unkind person, but his tendency to assume that he is right about everything prompts many to regard him as one. He sees women as inferior to men and would be honestly surprised if someone expressed anger at his views.

In the summer of 2010, Wolfgang acted as co-Summer Residence Coordinator (with Wendy).

M. Morgan

Date of Birth: April 6, 1975
Discipline: Classics (graduated; currently works as a roving instructor at various institutions)
Davies Status: 7th-year Alumna; was a Junior Fellow for 5 years

Morgan, who prefers to be known by her last name, is still a rather mysterious figure. She and Barbara were once friends; Barbara applied to live at Davies because it was recommended to her by Morgan. However, a fight (at the end-of-year barbecue in the spring of 2006) apparently put an end to their friendship for good. Morgan was asked by the college administration to stay away from Davies for about eight months after the fight, but she has now returned.

Morgan alternates between being fairly quiet and overbearingly, tempestuously loud; she has a quick temper and is not afraid to express her opinions, even to people she does not know well. She smokes and is scornful of those who criticise her for doing so. Davies Junior Fellows regard her with a kind of superstitious dread, as they remember the uproar that followed her fight with Barbara and fear (or hope) that she will initiate another scandal. Barbara and Morgan interact with semi-polite hostility, and neither shows signs of wanting to make up with the other.

Jackie Keef

Date of Birth: January 8, 1981
Discipline: History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (graduated; doing a postdoc at Stanford)
Davies Status: 2nd-year Alumna; was a Junior Fellow for 5 years

Jackie is quite a bubbly person on the outside, though she often feels less bubbly than she seems; she approaches life with a certain intensity andties it all up with a big turquoise bow. As the 2007 and 2008 Davies summer rentals coordinator, she demonstrated some of her less happy-go-lucky characteristics: in particular, her tendency to become extremely stressed out when someone seems to be trying to sabotage her working efficiency. While Jackie rarely loses her temper, she does sometimes need to let off steam by venting to her friends or, in fact, any random people she happens to encounter.

Jackie has a cheerful and not particularly serious crush on Casey. She has announced this crush to the world in general and grows rather puzzled when people take her at her word. She is fond of beer and dancing and finds that they mix quite well at times.

Jackie successfully defended her thesis in the spring of 2009. Currently, she is working as a postdoc at Stanford. She keeps in touch with Marie via Skype and appears to miss Davies--and its gossip--quite a bit.

Kenneth Graham

Date of Birth: February 2, 1956
Occupation: Davies College Porter
Davies Status: Ditto

Kenneth is a cranky middle-aged Brit with the inborn ability to terrify the hell out of everyone he meets. He is rumoured to be a retired paratrooper and has certainly been involved with some sort of army in some sort of capacity. Within days of being hired, heearned the enmity of nearly every Junior Fellow. He and Baldwin are mortal enemies and have been waging a ferocious war over Baldwin's inability not to lock himself repeatedly out of his room.

However, at the 2008 end-of-year barbecue, he allowed a clearly traumatised Marie to hide under his desk for hours after Darren had slandered her in public. Kenneth lied to her friends about her whereabouts, brought her ice cream, and, when it was time for him to lock up for the night, provided her with the number of a therapist who specialised in PTSD. Though most of the Junior Fellows still see Kenneth as a fiend in human form, Marie has become rather fond of him.

Sara Mwilima

Date of Birth: July 27, 1988
Discipline: History (2nd year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 2nd-year resident Junior Fellow

Sara, an international student from Namibia, is so shy that she actually risks drawing attention to herself via her shyness. She does not really have any friends, not because her friendship is not worth cultivating but because she tends to shrink from human contact and keep everyone at Davies at arm's length. Wendy has taken an interest in Sara, mostly because Wendy cannot comprehend the existence of someone who doesn't like to socialise; Sara therefore spends quite a lot of time running away from Wendy. Marie likes Sara but has not been able to get very close to her.

However, a different side of Sara emerged during the 2010 Murder Game. In the space of about two minutes, Sara went from a young woman scared of her own shadow to a remorseless killer who mowed down her opponents with a sort of diabolical genius. She was extremely nice about it, but she did win the game hands down, defeating even the usually unbeatable Casey. Though there was a brief period during which most of the game's participants wanted to lynch her, she has now returned to her regular programmed shyness, and the Daves have gone back to forgetting she is there.

Darren Warren

Date of Birth: November 1, 1980
Discipline: Civil Engineering (5th year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 1st-year Alumnus; was a Junior Fellow for 5 years

Darren is a bit of a jerk; he knows it and doesn't particularly care. In high school, he would have been a bully. In grad school, he is simply someone who knows what he wants and doesn't care who gets in his way. He tends to gravitate towards harmful gossip, true or false. Like Baldwin, he can't resist stirring up trouble; unlike Baldwin, he doesn't mean particularly well. When he found an article implying that Marie had killed her parents, he did not dig deeper but simply denounced Marie in public as a murderer. He was later forced to apologise, which he did with little grace. He is friends with the much gentler Tom.

Tom Fukiyama

Date of Birth: August 10, 1982
Discipline: Medieval Studies (6th year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 1st-year Alumnus; was a Junior Fellow for 5 years

Tom is a fairly quiet Junior Fellow who really only gets worked up about the Ph.D. Latin exam, which he has now passed after numerous tries. He plays the guitar (and sometimes ad libs satirical songs on it) quite well, though he never signs up for Coffee House. He is friends with Darren, who sometimes nudges him into acts of uncharacteristic cruelty. He has joined Steve's folk band as a tenor and an occasional guitarist.

Felicia Mark

Date of Birth: March 22, 1983
Discipline: Astrophysics (6th year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 2nd-year Alumna; was a Junior Fellow for 5 years

Felicia is an outspoken Junior Fellow who is friends with Jackie. She likes to gossip but is not as cruel about it as Darren; while she too found the online article about Marie, she was never tempted to announce its contents in public.

Stella Anderson

Date of Birth: June 1, 1985
Discipline: French (3rd year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 3rd-year resident Junior Fellow

Stella tends towards sarcasm when she speaks at all, which she does only when she has to; she doesn't dislike talking, but she does dislike talking to no purpose. Some people find her a little scary, though when this is pointed out to her, she is always surprised to hear it.

In 2009-2010, Stellaco-chaired the DEF with Marie and Paul.

Regina ("Reg") Fitzpatrick

Date of Birth: June 4, 1984
Discipline: Chemistry (3rd year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 4th-year resident Junior Fellow

Reg did not have much contact with Marie et al until the spring of 2009, when she joined Steve's folk band as an alto.

Paul Adler

Date of Birth: December 4, 1986
Discipline: Electrical Engineering (3rd year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 3rd-year resident Junior Fellow

Paul is a rather shy Junior Fellow who, despite his shyness, is good in a crisis. In 2009-2010, heco-chaired the DEF with Marie and Stella.

Shelly James ("Bleachy")

Date of Birth: October 27, 1979
Occupation: Between jobs; believed to have worked at something law-related
Davies Status: Summer resident (2007)

Shelly (or Bleachy, as the Daves call her behind her back) was, in 2007, the summer resident from hell. Davies summer residents stay at the college for a variety of reasons--some are at conferences, some on holiday, some visiting friends--but Bleachy's purpose in renting a room at Davies was unclear. She hated every aspect of the place, couldn't stand the student residents, andgenerally went out of her way to prove herself the most obnoxious and offensive human being ever to gracethe face of the earth. As far as anyone could tell, she had no redeeming characteristics. She did not seem to realise that she was, in fact, a complete caricature and that the Junior Fellows, their differences temporarily forgotten, loathed her as one.

Bleachy's fake tan, bad dye job, and hideous make-upcould be seen almost everywhere around Davies in thesummer of 2007; though she despised the college, she rarely left it. She made Jackie Keef's life a living Hades andactually called the cops on a group of Daves for talking in the quad on a Saturday evening. She has now left the college, ideally forever.

Weird Beard

Date of Birth: December 5, 1950
Occupation: Astrophysicist
Davies Status: Summer resident (2008, 2009, 2010)

Weird Beard (actual name unknown by anyone but the various Summer Residence Coordinators, who so far haven't told) was the strangest summer resident at Davies in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Some believe that he may actually have been weirder than Barbara, though Barbara herself disagrees.

A cheerful older man, Weird Beard--who does, in fact, have a weird (or at least fairly bushy) beard--likes interacting with the Junior Fellows. The women of the College believe that he likes interacting with them a little too much; the men do not notice any creepiness and regard Weird Beard as a harmless eccentric. He is nosy and sometimes behaves quite inexplicably, but he can also demonstrate an oddball variety of class, as he did when he found out that Casey was polling the Fellowship on whether or not he was creepy.

Weird Beard apparently lives in Sudbury; it is unclear why he spends his summers at Davies. He took an interest in the rift between Casey and Marie and enjoyed giving (unwanted) advice to both parties. He is knowledgeable about pop culture and especially fond ofDoctor Who, to the chagrin of Marie, who is also a fan. Marie became more friendly with him in the summer of 2010, as they bonded over their sharedWho fandom.


Date of Birth: Unknown
Discipline or Occupation: Unknown
Davies Status: None

Ursula is a young woman who has met Casey in Tim Hortons (a coffee-and-doughnut shop) in late August for at least four and as many as seven years running. The meetings have all taken place at noon. Casey has allowed Marie to observe them, but he has not explained what is going on or who Ursula is. She and Casey seem to have made some sort of bet, but its nature is unclear. Marie generally refers to her as "the girl in the green jacket."

In August of 2010, Casey and Ursula concluded their bet. Ursula gave her green jacket to Casey, who vanished.

Fred Caldarella

Date of Birth: August 12, 1980
Discipline: Physics (recently graduated after a 6-year Ph.D.)
Davies Status: 2nd-year Alumnus; was a Junior Fellow for 5 years

Fred is an easy-going Alumnus in a long-distance relationship; he gets along fairly well with most people. Though he is occasionally a little taciturn with strangers, he has, unlike Rahim, avoided being labelled cold or stuck-up. He is friendly, though not really good friends, with Marie and Casey.

Elisa and Athar

Dates of Birth: Don't really matter
Occupations: Doctor (Elisa) and Lawyer (Athar)
Davies Status: Alumni

For three years running, Frankie and Baldwin have attempted to film a welcome-to-Davies video starring Elisa and Athar. For three years running, Frankie and Baldwin have failed. Inquiring minds want to know why they don't move on to interview subjects less likely to be diabolically evil, but it is suspected that it is just one of those things.

Master D. Ramsay

Date of Birth: Lost in the mists of time
Occupation: Journalist
Davies Status: Has been Master since September of 1995

Master Ramsay has “appeared” only a few times thus far, but it is safe to say that he will be back, if only as a puff of air and some whooshing noises. The Master of Davies is always extremely busy and deals with this busyness by never ever standing still. He also talks very quickly. He has the ability to remember every name he has ever heard. However, few people have seen him clearly (they do see the vapour trail as he breezes by).

The Master has three daughters, all of whom are just as speedy as he is. Where he tends to run all his words together, they speak mostly in chirpy one-word statements.