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West of Bathurst (also hosted here) is a comic by Kari Maaren about the Junior Fellows of Davies College, a graduate residence that is, well, in exactly the same geographic spot as Massey and, um, looks quite like it too.   However, the characters are probably not based explicitly on any current or former Masseyites, living or dead.  I don't think.  Okay...now one is, but her real-life counterpart wants it that way.

The comic was originally updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a colour strip posted every second Saturday. However, it has now reached the end of its run.  My new comic, It Never Rains, is where all the action is.

Also, there's A BOOK! There was a Kickstarter campaign and everything! You can order the book on Bandcamp!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

And let us leave it there.

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Dear Readers:

Well...that's it.  That's the final West of Bathurst comic ever.  I made it all the way through drawing and colouring it without losing it, but that seems to have ended now.  I am very, very, very, very sad at the moment.

It's been great drawing these comics for you guys since 2006.  Back then, I really was planning for the comic to last for about seven years, but seven years seemed like a long time.  It's a little less long from the other end.

I didn't anticipate a lot of things about the comic.  I didn't know Rahim would be important; I didn't realise Evil Marie would be a character at all.  I did, however, always know that the core of the strip would be Marie and her bizarre friendship with Casey.  I also knew the comic wouldn't be possible without its setting.  The characters have grown away from Davies College in the last few years, but Davies has still always provided that tinge of otherworldliness the fairy-tale elements of the Casey plot need...or so I claim.  The fact that Davies is based on the genuinely real Massey College does not make it (or, in fact, Massey itself) any less otherworldly.

It's going to be really hard to give this comic up.  I know I've got a new one in the works, but I haven't really got to know its characters or situations yet, and I'm at the "But it will never be the same!" stage of mourning.  I hope you'll give yourselves a chance to get accustomed to It Never Rains.  I'm going to have to do that too.

If you want to continue to receive news about West of Bathurst and It Never Rains, please subscribe to the WoB Talk blog (click on "Comments" above to get to it), send an e-mail to westofbathurst(at)gmail(dot)com and ask to be added to the mailing list, or "like" the comic's Facebook page.  Once I have forced myself to figure out the whole print collection / Kickstarter thing, there will be messages about that too.  (And yes, if the book does eventually spring to life, it will include a segment on the folklore underlying WoB.  People have been asking about that.)

You guys have all been great; I've enjoyed getting to know many of you over the years.  You've been very encouraging, even when you've wanted pretty badly to kill me.

Thank you, and farewell for now.  I too need to cross the long-standing metaphor.

Yours ridiculously tearfully,

Sunday, February 9, 2014
Panel 1: Marie, dressed in a black coat, red scarf, and red gloves, stands in front of a brick wall. She is looking at a street sign that is set up like a "one way" sign: a black rectangle with a white border, and inside the black rectangle, a white arrow pointing to the right. Inside the white arrow, in black letters, are the words "WEST OF BATHURST." A much smaller arrow is right under the big white arrow; it's pointing to the left, and the words in it read, "BY KARI MAAREN."

Panel 2: In an echo of the very first comic, Marie is in the Porter's Office. She hands her Davies key back to the Porter, who is represented only by a hand being held out over the reception desk. Behind Marie are pigeonholes filled with mail and a calendar next to them on the wall.

Panel 3: Marie leaves Davies for the last time, walking out through the gates. The bricks of the College are visible behind her.

Panel 4: Marie walks down a sidewalk, past a maroon building. There are patches of snow on the ground.

Panel 5: Marie reaches an intersection and looks up at a street sign, which reads, "Bathurst St." The traffic light is green.

Panel 6: Marie stands paralysed at the intersection.

Panel 7:
Evil Marie appears behind Marie.

Evil Marie:
Will you just cross the long-standing metaphor already?

Marie: It's harder than it looks!

Alt-text: And let us leave it there.

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