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Monday, July 24, 2006

West of Bathurst 1

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Monday, July 24, 2006
Panel 1: [Black-and-white cartoon image.] A tired-looking young woman walks towards a metal gate. She is wearing glasses and has black hair that falls to just beneath her chin. She is weighed down with a backpack and at least one other heavy bag. Behind her is a brick wall, part of the building towards which she is moving.

Woman [thinks]: Five-hour flight...rush-hour taxi...thousands of bags...jet-lag setting in...

Panel 2: The woman is in what looks like an office or reception area. Behind her are several pigeonholes filled with mail. Next to the pigeonholes, on the wall, is a calendar. An arm, clad in a long jacket sleeve, reaches out from behind a tall desk and hands the woman a set of keys.

Woman [thinks]: New environment. Pick up keys. Directions to contains bed...

Panel 3: The woman is outside, near another brick wall. Her eyes slide shiftily to her right as another woman bounces up to her from the left. The new arrival has poofy fair hair and is wearing a huge, annoying smile. She waves a manila envelope.

Woman 1 [thinks]: Now just need to avoid--

Woman 2 [aloud]: HI! Welcome to Davies! Here's your happy fun pack! We're going out for sushi; come with!

Panel 4: The second woman shakes the first woman's hand vigorously. The first woman's eyes are bugging out.

Woman 1 [thinks]: Orientation events............

Woman 2 [aloud]: You are gonna have so much fun eating raw fish with twenty perfect strangers!

Alt-Text:  First comic...knock yourself out.


[Cartoon image in colour.] The banner header is shaped like a "one way" street sign. A white stripe borders a black rectangle; inside the rectangle is a white arrow pointing to the left. Inside the arrow are the words "WEST OF BATHURST."  A much smaller arrow under the large one is pointing to the right. The words inside it read, "BY KARI MAAREN."

The heads and torsos of four people can be seen in front of the sign. To the far left, facing right, is a tall man of Middle Eastern ancestry. He has short black hair, dark brown eyes, fairly dark brown skin, and glasses, and he's wearing a maroon shirt. An index finger rests on his chin as he watches the other three people suspiciously. Facing him on the right is a white woman with unkempt red hair, green eyes, fair skin, prominent front teeth, and glasses. She is wearing a mauve shirt and apparently speaking to the man on the left; her index finger is raised. A bit in front of her, to her right, is a shorter woman of indeterminate ancestry with short black hair that falls a bit beneath her chin, brown eyes, medium brown skin, and glasses. She is wearing a dark blue shirt and rolling her eyes at the red-haired woman. Behind her and to her right is a white man with golden hair, dark blue eyes, and fair skin. He is watching the smaller woman and smirking. He's wearing a light green shirt and a striped green-and-white tie.

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